Kefalonia Sights

Sight seeing guide

Our Kefalonia sight seeing guide gives you a filterable list of the main sight seeing attractions in Kefalonia, although Kefalonia doesn’t have any ancient historical sites it does have a few things to keep you busy. The main sight seeing attractions are probably the Melissani Lake Caves, the Drogarati Caves, Fanari lighthouse or the castle of Saint George.

Melissani Lake Cave

The Melissani lake cave is close to the resort of Sami on the east coast of Kefalonia. The lake, or at least part of it is inside the cave, a section from the top of the cave has collapsed leaving an opening that bathes the inside in light.

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Drogarati Caves

The Drogarati Caves are located near to the resort of Sami in Kefalonia and are also not far from the Melissani lake cave, so you could visit both in the same day.The caves are approximately 60m deep and are full of stalagmites and stalactites formed over millions of years in limestone, the caves are known to have very good acoustics a

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St Gerasimos Monastery

It’s a large religious site dedicated to Saint Gerasimos who the Kefalonians believe protects and heals them. The monastery houses many religious artefacts and also has the body of the saint in a small chapel in the garden.

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The Castle Of Saint George

The Castle Of Saint George is in a spectacular location and offers amazing views over the island, on a good day you can even see Zakynthos and mainland Greece. It is open from June to September. Opening hours: 8.30 – 15.00 except on Mondays

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Castle of Assos

This castle is a genuine example of the Venetian fortification art which should not be missed out during your visit in Kefalonia. It is built on the peninsula of Assos, a highly strategic position.

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Katavothres is a geographical phenomenon that occurs on Kefalonia where the sea water rushes through the rocks at the shore and disappears underground only to resurface at the Melissani Lake cave on the other side of the island approximately 15 kilometres away.

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Kipouria Monastery

The Kipouria Monastery is an incredibly scenic place that was built right on the edge of the cliff. It contains many important religious artefacts, including the icon of the Virgin Mary’s Annunciation.

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Archeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli which was founded in 1957, hosted findings from the prehistoric era and has three galleries.

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